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NEW BLOG CHRONICLES OUR TRAVEL around Rosario Batangas in search of Provincial Boundary Monuments (PBM), Municipal Boundary Monuments (MBM), Barangay Boundary Monuments (BBM) and other landmarks scattered throughout the municipality that are useful reference points for map making and navigation.
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Municipality of Rosario Batangas

USEFUL REFERENCE MATERIALS like the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance (CLUP/ZO), Annual Reports, Citizens Charter and Barangay Profiles are published in digital format for your convenience @ Municipality of Rosario Batangas Unofficial Blog
Rosario Batangas Philippines

Socio-Economic Profile

Historical Development
See Brief History of Rosario, Batangas (English Version).

Physical and Natural Characteristics
Geographic location, climate, topography, geology, soil fertility, slope profile and stability, soil erosion, and drainage.

Historical growth of population, urban and rural population, urbanization, population density, age-sex structure, migration, marital status, ethnicity, religious affiliation, disabled persons, literacy rate, highest grade completed, labor force, and population projections.

Social Sector
Housing, health, education, protective services, social welfare services, and sports and recreation.

Economic Sector
Agriculture, tourism, commerce, and industry.

Infrastructure and Utilities Sector
Transportation, water supply, power services, and communication.

Development Plan
Vision and Mission
Development vision, mission, general goals and objectives, functional role of the municipality, and development strategies.

Sectoral Plans
  • Social services sector including housing, health services, education, protective services, social welfare services, and sports and recreation.
  • Economic base sector including agriculture, commerce, industry, and tourism.
  • Infrastructure and utilities sector covering transportation, communications, power services, and water supply.

Local Government
  • Municipal government describes the functions of the Municipal Mayor, Municipal Vice Mayor, Sangguniang Bayan, and Sectoral Offices and Departments.
  • Sectoral Offices and Departments include that of the Municipal Mayor, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC), Municipal Administrator, Accounting and Internal Audit Services, Municipal Budget Officer, Treasury Office, Municipal Assessor, Agricultural Services, Engineering Office, Civil Registry, Social Welfare and Development Services, and Health Services.
  • Barangay Governments include listing for all 48 barangays of the municipality the officers of the Liga ng mga Barangay, Sangguniang Barangay, and Punong Barangay.
  • Local fiscal administration describes revenue, expenditures, expenditure by function, the 20% Development Fund, and other fiscal matters.

Municipal Land Use Committee and the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (June 2000), Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period: 2000-2010, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, Philippines