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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Sector: Social Welfare Services

The information contained in this article were based on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Rosario, Batangas for the planning period 2000-2010 and were current in 1999 except in places where updates were duly noted.

THIS SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE reports about three major sectors including the Social Sector, the Economic Sector and Infrastructure and Utilities Sector. The Social Sector consists of the following sub-sectors: housing, health, education, protective services, social welfare services, and sports and recreation. This article covers the Social Welfare Services Sub-Sector.

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) caters to the needs of that segment of population who needs assistance and support for them to be able to restore their normal functioning.

The Office manned by five people, the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer, a Social Welfare Officer III, a Social Welfare Assistant, a Day Care Worker and a casual worker who assists in the clerical works.

Clientele System and Services Offered
The MSWDO is the major social welfare organization or instrumentality in the municipality. The MSWDO is of course a government entity. Services offered in the municipality are family life education and counseling, family planning assistance, day care services supplemental feeling, medical care/physical and special cares. These services are offered to clientele that has concerns and problems related to these services. This type of clientele in the municipality includes families in especially difficult circumstances (EDC); women in especially difficult circumstances; children and youth in EDC; senior citizens and persons with disability.

The following shows distribution of cares served by type of clientele system and services offered by the MSWDO, a major social welfare organization or instrumentality in the municipality.

Distribution of Cases Served by Type of Clientele System, 1999
  • Families in EDC - 363

  • Women in EDC - 120

  • Children & Youth in EDC 766

  • Senior Citizen - 2,863

  • Person w/ Disability - 431
Source: MSWDO, Rosario, Batangas

Number of Clientele By Services Offered and Number of Day Care Centers, 1999
  • Family Life Education & Counseling - 253

  • Family Planning Assistance - 258

  • Day Care Services/Supplemental Feeding - 458

  • Medical Care/ Physical - 73

  • Day Care Centers - 12
Source: MSWDO, Rosario, Batangas

Programs and Services
Programs and services being implemented by MSWDO include: Self Employment Assistance (SEA); Practical Skills; Family and community Welfare Programs; Women Welfare Program; Child and Youth Welfare Program; Emergency Assistance Program and Program for Disabled Persons and Elderly.

Under these programs are sub-programs and services also big implemented by the MSWDO. These are devolved social welfare programs to the municipality. Implementation of these programs and services in the municipality is shown in the following table.

Social Welfare Programs Accomplishment, 1999
  • Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) - 50 families funded by LGU (PHP135,500.00)

  • Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS) - 131 families funded by LGU (PHP83,963.00)

  • Day Care Services (DCS) - 700 children/ 25 day care workers/ 24 students funded by LGU (PHP314,100.00)

  • Scholarship Grants - 24 students with shared funding from the LGU (PHP115,300.00) and Alay Lakad Foundation Inc. Rosario Chapter (PHP9,260.00)

  • Supplemental Feeding Program - 467 malnourished pre-schoolers funded by LGU (48,977.00)

  • Practical Skills Development

  • with funding from Alay Lakad Foundation Inc. Rosario Chapter (PHP9,260.00) - 98 individuals

  • with funding from DOLE (PHP24,000.00) - 22 disabled persons
Source: MSWDO, Rosario, Batangas

Highlights of these programs for 1999 are hereby discussed by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Mrs. Sonia Triviño as follows:

Self Employment Assistance (SEA)
This year our target beneficiaries for this program are 64 families and we served 50 families amounting PHP136,500.00. This year collection has a total of PHP129,400.00. This program is intended to help small scale entrepreneur to augment their capital and help uplift their economic situation.

Child And Youth Welfare
As of 1999 our Day Care Centers reached up to 26 centers. We have 9 new centers for this year. Our Day Care Workers is 25, nine of them are new and serving 700 children.

We conduct regular monthly meeting to ensure that the program is well implemented and give technical support. This year they received a PHP1,200.00 monthly honorarium. Every October we celebrated Universal Children’s Day and it was a successful affair. All Day Care Centers participated the program. This year we coordinate with Non-Formal Education and served 11 children/youth for non-formal class. We give them school supplies for one year.

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer prepared and submit project proposal at Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer for Drug Campaign of Sangguniang Kabataan in all barangays. The Office granted PHP30,000.00 for the activities.

Family and Community Welfare
We continue conducting Parent Effectiveness Service to parents of Day Care children. Through this service, parents learn about child rearing, child growth and development, techniques and materials of early childhood enrichment, and the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents.

Responsible Parenthood Service is provided to those parents who manifest psychosocial difficulties in the practice of family planning.

Family Counseling Service is a short term counseling provide by social workers who have marital conflict. Such as session helps to identify, sort out and remedy problems of relationships. These problems may include child neglect, exploitation or maltreatment.

Special Services for Solo Parents target those parents whose spouses are dead, are out of the family because of work in other places or have abandoned the family are provided services to help them handle their difficulties.

Maternal and Child Care Placement services taught mothers about maternal care, safe pregnancies, child sparing proper nutrition as well as balance diet for children and measure to ensure proper child care such as growth monitoring, immunization and utilizing health services. These services help parents to be more effective, responsible in all their duties and responsibilities of being a good parents to their children.

Last December we conducted an advocacy program regarding child abuse. It was a one-day affair held at Tan Ville Garden Resort and Restaurant. The participants were Day Care Center. This program help them aware of how they should treat their children and what are the types of discipline they should give to them. It is also an eye opener for them that abuses to children are very common and they have to do something about it.

Elderly/Disabled Welfare Program
This special group organization has a budget amounting to PHP300,000.00 from 20 percent Development Fund. Annually we celebrated Senior Citizens Week from October 25 to 29. This year celebration was the most participative celebration. WE conducted Free Medical-Dental Clinic to our Senior Citizens. The sponsor was the Batikan Club and the local government unit. We invited private doctors and dentist to help us in the said activities.

For the second year we conducted search for LOLO KING and LOLA QUEEN and was a successful night. The organization sponsored again giving on to all senior citizens. Last December we conducted annual assembly meeting and election of new officers for the Calendar Year 2000.

The Disabled Group was also given a time and support for their newly organized federation. Last November in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Batangas they have given a Practical Skills Training on Silk Screen-Printing and Hair cutting. It is a two-day live in seminar and helps the group to enhance their skills and uplift living condition. After the training they will be given a chance to have a capital assistance for their project. The training will be continued to further enhance skills of the group.

Emergency Assistance
This year we didn’t experience calamities as far as natural disaster is concern. But emergency assistance to those families who is in needs especially medical problem. This year we served 131 families given financial assistance in the amount of PHP83,963.00.

We also give food assistance to 700 families from NGO’s like Batangueña Club and Board Member Lianda Bolilia.

Practical Skills Development
This year we were able to organize Practical Skills Development for disabled persons. We tie up with the Department of Labor and Employment Batangas Office for fund assistance. It was a two-day live in seminar and it was a gainful experience for persons with disability. The group will be given financial assistance if it is already a established group that will given them livelihood opportunity for everyone.

Other Organizations
There are also other organization that in one way or another extends social welfare services to the needy population. These include civic, religious and non-governmental organizations. These organizations are Rotary Club; Batangueña Club, Catholic Women’s League, Inner Wheel Club; Lakbay, Batikan Club, Friday Club, Alay Lakad Foundation; Knights of Columbus, Golden Heart Club; Senior Citizen’s Club, ROMEA, ROMAVEA, Federation of Disabled Persons and Couples for Christ.

Considering, the total recorded clientele system of 4,601 and the total clientele by service offered of 2,.030, it shows that only 44 percent of the recorded clientele are being served.

Thus, additional facilities, funding and service is needed by the Office to cater to the need of its clientele. These facilities are centers for specific type of clientele of the MSWDO.

In terms of Day Care Centers, there is still a need for 22 more day care centers. RA 6072 requires that a day care center in every barangay should be established. Likewise, a senior citizen center must be established in all municipalities of the Philippines as required under RA 7876.

Other facilities and services to be considered in the future are: Day Care Centers for street children, temporary shelter for women in difficult circumstances, reception and study center for children in difficult situations, family life resource center, early childhood development resource center, and family and conjugal counseling facilities that require privacy, evacuation site, among others.

For the consideration of future clientele population for future programming of the sector, the 30 percent of the population up to year 2010 will be taken.

Municipal Land Use Committee and the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (June 2000), Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period: 2000-2010, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

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