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Friday, November 18, 2011

Economic Sector: Commerce

The information contained in this article were based on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Rosario, Batangas for the planning period 2000-2010 and were current in 1999 except in places where updates were duly noted.

THIS SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE reports about three major sectors including the Social Sector, the Economic Sector and Infrastructure and Utilities Sector. The Economic Sector consists of the following sub-sectors: agriculture, tourism, commerce and industry. This article covers the Commerce Sub-Sector.

The types of commercial areas, major types of business or trade and other commercial support facilities established in Rosario, Batangas show the level of commercial development in the municipality. These also indicated the feasibility opportunities and incentive in the municipality for further commercial development.

Commercial Areas

Central Business District (CBD)
The concentration of commercial establishments in the municipality is very much evident in the Poblacion barangays. These commercial areas are in Barangay Poblacion B, C, D and E. The largest concentration of commercial establishment or commercial areas is at Poblacion E with the Public Market as the nucleus of the activity.

The commercial area is classified as a Minor Central Business District with the characteristic wet and dry market. It’s a large town in this part of the province, this minor CBD, is a shopping and service area with market as its main feature, complemented by shops, and offices as well recreational and transportation.

Being a catchment area of the surrounding municipalities of Taysan, Ibaan, Padre Garcia and San Juan, this CBD catch not only to the municipality’s own population but those population from other municipalities living adjacent to it. Migrant population drawn to the municipality by employment, recreation and tourism potentials of the municipality are also being served by this CBD.

This Minor Central Business District covers the Public Market within the block bounded by A. Mindanao Street on the north; V. Rodelas St. on the south; Zuno St. on the West and J. Belen St. on the east.

The areas around the Public Market though taking the form of commercial strip also form part of the Minor Central Business District (MCBD). These areas are:
  • Areas within the block bounded on the north by Rodelas St; on the south by Tejada St; on the west by Zuño St. and on the east by a creek.
  • Areas about midblocks.
  • Areas west of Zuño St. extending midblock on areas bounded on the north by L. Esguerra St; on the south by L. Tejada St; on the west by L. Cuartero and A. Arias St. being bisected by E. Carreon, N. Suanes and V. Rodelas St.
  • Area west of Zuño St extending about two (2) lots deep from westwards along Zuño St. bounded on the north by L. Greñas St. and on the south by N. Carreon St.
  • Areas inside blocks bounded on the north by I. Farol St; on the south by H. Mindanao St; on the west by Zuño St. and on the east by J. Belen St. It is also being bisected two unnamed streets (alley).
  • Areas east of J. Belen St. bounded on the north by H. Mindanao St; on the south by V. Rodelas St; on the west by J. Belen St. and on the east by Y. Zuño St. and a creek.
  • Portion of areas within the block bounded on the north by L. Greñas St; on the south by H. Mindanao St; on the west by J. Belen St. and on the east by Y. Zuño St. This is the portion proximate or nearer the public market.

Except for the public market, these areas within the MCBD are noticeably quasi residential-commercial or mixed use development in strip fashion around the public market. Type of commercial activities are generally of retail trade, services and light industrial activities such as welding shops and rice mills. There are also jeepney and tricycle terminals within the MCBD, which cater to the public going to other barangays of the municipality as well as to those of adjacent municipalities.

Commercial Strip
Commercial strips along major roads traversing the municipality are burgeoning about the blocks away from the MCBD. These can be considered extension of the MCBD since it is still within the influence areas of the market and still urban. These developments are prevalent along the provincial road leading to Cayetano St. (national road going to Lipa City) and the Gualberto Avenue (national road going to San Juan). These areas are within the jurisdiction of Poblacion barangay B, C, D and E. Specifically these areas are:

Poblacion B
  • Areas about two lots deep north of Gualberto St. (national road to San Juan) within the block bounded by V. Escano on the north; Gualberto St. on the south; Zuño St. on the west and J. Belen on the east.
  • Areas about one lot deep, south of Gualberto St. bounded on the west by J. Belen St. and on the east by Y. Zuño St. These areas are across the street from the town hall.
  • Areas about one lot deep north of Gualberto St. adjacent to the Catholic Church on the block bounded by V. Escano St. on the north; Gualberto St. on the South; J. Belen St. on the west and Y. Zuño.
Commercial activities in the strip include financial institutions like banks, pawnshop and lending investors; services like photo studio, video rentals, computer service trading and food chain. Retail establishments include general merchandise and mini-mart.

Poblacion C
Areas of about two (2) lots deep on both side of Carandang St. (national/provincial road to Lipa City, starting from the junction of Gualberto Ave and Carandang St. extending up north about 1,300 meters. These include areas adjacent to the municipal park within the block bounded on the north by V. Escano St; on the south by Gualberto Ave; on the west by Carandang St. and on the east by Zuño St.

It is the northern half of a very busy and congested intersection, which lead to Lipa City on the north and Batangas City on the west. It is a mixed commercial-light industrial area with financing institutions, service shops and services, retail stores, funeral parlor and rice mill. A manufacturing business is also in the strip. As it is in the intersection, jeepney terminals to Lipa and Batangas City and Lucena City are also present in this strip.

Poblacion D
  • Areas south of Gualberto St. including blocks bounded by Gualberto Ave. on the north; Magtibay St. on the south ; Carandang St. on the West and J. Belen St. on the east. This is being bisected by Zuño St. These include residential area in the block.
  • Areas about one lot deep west of Carandang St. bounded on the north by Gualberto Ave. and extending 1,700 meters southward west of Carandang St. These areas form the southern part of the intersection between the national/provincial roads to Batangas City and Lipa City.
  • Areas east of Carandang St. extending about one lot deep eastwards and bounded on the north by Magtibay St. and on the south by Greñas St.
  • Areas extending about ____ meters southwards from Gualberto Ave.( national road to Batangas City) and ___ meter eastward from the barangay boundaries between Poblacion D and Barangay Namunga.
Type of Commercial activities are also of mixed types just like in Poblacion C.

Poblacion E
Areas of about one lot deep east of the provincial road from Namuco extending northwards about __ meters bounded on the east by L. Cuartero and A. Arias Streets.

Together with all other commercial establishment scattered and dispersed single structure, these areas constitute the commercial areas of the municipality in the Poblacion Barangays. This covers a total area of 12.163 hectare.

The following shows type of commercial area and commercial establishment therein.

Existing Commercial Establishments, 1999
Type, Location and Number of Commercial Establishments

Minor Central Business District in Poblacion E
Auto Supply - 2
Bakery - 1
Battery Supply - 1
Boutique - 1
Bread Shop - 4
Candy Store - 1
Canteen - 29
Construction Supply - 1
Dried Fish - 8
Drug Store - 6
Dry Goods - 29
Feeds Supply - 14
Footwear - 2
Fruit Stall - 9
Furniture Stall - 1
Gen. Merchandise - 2
Glassware - 12
Grocery - 103
Hardware - 2
Jewelry Shop - 5
Lomi House - 2
Marketing - 1
Meat Vendor - 18
Parlor - 4
Plastic ware - 1
Rice Vendor - 30
Salt Store - 2
Sari-Sari Store - 1
Sedera - 1
Textile - 18
Variety - 1
Vegetable Stall - 27
Veterinary Supply - 2
Warehouses - 7

Commercial Strip in Poblacion B
Baker - 2
Bank - 3
Communication Service Center - 1
Computer Service Center - 1
Food Chain - 1
General Merchandise - 1
Lending Investor - 3
Minimart - 1
Pawnshop - 2
Photo Studio - 3
Trading Business - 1
Video Rental Shop - 1

Commercial Strip in Poblacion C
Bakery - 1
Banks - 3
Barber Shop - 1
Communication Service Center - 1
Construction Supply - 3
Food Stand - 3
Funeral Parlor - 1
General Merchandise - 2
Glass Supply - 1
Lending Investor - 1
Manufacturer - 1
Motor Repair - 1
Pawnshop - 2
Pharmacy - 2
Printing Service - 1
Restaurant - 2
Rice Mill - 2
Rice Retailer - 2
Spare Parts Center - 3
Tailoring Shop - 1
Theater - 1
Trading Business - 1
Upholstery - 1
Welding Shop - 2

Commercial Strip in Poblacion D
Appliance Center - 1
Bakery - 3
Bank - 3
Barber Shop - 2
Beauty Parlor - 2
Computer Service - 1
Construction Supply - 2
Food Stand - 3
Funeral Parlor - 2
General Merchandise - 6
Law Office - 1
Lending Investor - 3
Manufacturer - 1
Minimart - 1
Newspaper Publishing - 1
Pharmacy - 4
Photo Studio - 1
Restaurant - 3
Trading Business - 1
Travel Agency - 1
Video Tape Rental - 1
Welding Shop - 1

Commercial Strip in Poblacion E
Appliance Center - 1
Bakery - 1
Banks - 4
Construction Supply - 5
Garment Store - 1
Gasoline Station - 1
General Merchandise - 3
Glass Supply - 1
Junk Shop - 2
Lending Investor - 4
Marble Supply - 1
Minimart - 2
Pawnshop - 2
Pharmacy - 1
Restaurant - 2
Rice Mill - 2
Rice Retailer - 2
Trading Business
Veterinary Supply - 1
Video Rental Shop - 1
Welding Shop - 6

Types of Commercial Establishments
The four major types of commercial establishments by nature of their business or trade are those establishments engage in banking and finance, wholesale trade, retail trade and services.

Retail Trade
Of the present number of 495 establishments retail trade is the most common type of business. This type constitutes about 70 percent of the total commercial establishments. This type pertains to resale (without transformation of new and used goods to the general public. These includes sari-sari store, specialized Item store, agricultural product retailer, dry good store veterinary supply, spare parts supply and the like. This included almost all stalls in the public market.

Services type establishment ranks second with a total of 104 in 1999. This is about 21% of the total commercial establishments.

Business Services
There are establishment that cater to the care and needs of other business, provide entertainment and personal concerns. Thus service establishment are further classified into business services that cater to legal, accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, technical and clerical consultancy and service.

Recreational Services
Recreational service consist of theater, radio stations, bowling alleys, billiard hall, swimming pools, gymnasium, golf club, cockpits, amusement machine and the like.

Personal Services
Personal Service cater to care of person like in terms of food, clothing and shelter as in restaurants, tailoring shops beauty parlor, lodging houses, laundry service funeral service, janitorial, massage clinics and the like. Among these service establishments, personal services are most common in the municipality.

Wholesale Trade
Wholesale trade is the least type of commercial establishment in the municipality. There are only 16 of these establishments which is only about 3% of the total. These consist of feed supply wholesalers and rice wholesalers. Junk shops are also included therein. Wholesale trade in the municipality dovetailed with the agricultural activities in the area.

Banking and Financing
Banking and finance type comprising of banks, lending investors, pawnshops and money changers total to 30 establishments. These constitute 6% of the total. The presence of these institutions indicates potentials for business ventures and financing in the municipality. Loans and credit may be availed of from these institutions to start of business.

The following table shows commercial establishments by type of business or trade conducted.

Commercial Establishments By Type of Business or Trade
Type of Business or Trade and Number of Commercial Establishments

Banking and Finance - 32
Wholesale Trade - 14
Retail Trade - 184
Services - 82
Total - 312

Banking and Finance - 29
Wholesale Trade - 17
Retail Trade - 131
Services - 66
Total - 243

Banking and Finance - 30
Wholesale Trade - 16
Retail Trade - 345
Services - 104
Total - 495

Sources: Office of the Municipal Treasurer, Rosario, Batangas and Office of Municipal Mayor, Rosario, Batangas

Growth Of Commercial Establishments
Considering, the above table, there has been a fluctuating number of commercial establishments being reported per year from 1997 to year 1999. The figure shows a decline of 22% from 1997 to 1998 and an increase of about 104% from 1998 to 1999. It was however, a remarkable increase from 1998 to 1999.

Retail trade and service are always the most common type of commercial establishments within the three-year period. The decline in 1998 may be attributed to a region wide economic crisis then. With the showing in 1999, it showed resurgence in commercial activities again. This increasing trend in commercial establishments has to be maintained and sustained within the planning period.

Current commercial activities in terms of commercial areas specifically, the existing MCBD must be compact and concentrated, that residential use will be phased-out such that the contiguous areas will all be for commercial use.

Provision of walkways inside the market for pedestrian traffic is necessary for accessibility of commercial establishment and mobility of shoppers. Flow of vehicular traffic on roads abutting the MCBD must be systematized to facilitate travel of shoppers and store owners. Likewise, setbacks, parking space and pedestrian lanes should be provided in commercial strip.

Commercial establishments in these areas need spaces for shoppers and the natural flow must not be obstructed. Setbacks from roads of any commercial establishment in commercial strips must be enforces in the permit system and complied with by entrepreneurs. These commercial strips also aggravate vehicular traffic. Areas should be provided for parking spaces to keep customers outside of the carriageway of roads abutting the establishment.

Expansion of commercial areas in the Poblacion barangays as well as the nodal barangay within its cluster of barangays is a need within the planning period. The growing population increasing economic activities and proposed developments will warrant a corresponding spatial requirement. Additional areas need to be allocated for commercial purposes within the planning period.

In terms of types of commercial establishment prospects for service specifically for business and recreational nature should be looked into. Again increased economic activity in terms of agriculture and industry will need corresponding technical, clerical, legal and documentation consultancy and assistance services to facilitate things.

Likewise, for recreational activities, entrepreneurs and traders may well consider this establishment in support of existing high-end recreational activities that may induce local economy.

Improving and sustaining the growth of commercial establishments as indicated from 1998-1999 must be a prime concern in the sector. The continuous increasing trend must be posted even beyond the planning period. The presence of banking and financing institution will help a lot in these undertaking. Their presence provides some possible financing schemes that investors and entrepreneurs can availed of. Maintaining these establishments in the municipality must always be considered.

Commercial activities in the barangays outside of the Poblacion must also be given impetus. The feasibility of commercial activities per cluster and the allocation of commercial areas in a nodal growth barangay in such a cluster of barangays are necessary. The commercial area must be accessible to all barangays under the cluster. Exchange of good and services then on a cluster level will complement commercial activities in the urban core.

Municipal Land Use Committee and the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (June 2000), Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period: 2000-2010, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

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