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Municipality of Rosario Batangas

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Local Government Organization

The information contained in this article were based on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Rosario, Batangas for the planning period 2000-2010 and were current in 1999 except in places where updates were duly noted.


Municipal Mayor
The municipality of Rosario is under the leadership of the Municipal Mayor. Under his administration is the functional role of the municipality within the province, region and the country, as well as the current economic development projects and investments environment in the municipality.

Municipal Vice Mayor
The Municipal Mayor is assisted by the Municipal Vice Mayor who exercises leadership of the Legislative Council or the Sangguniang Bayan. The council passes laws and ordinances that promote development, order and general welfare. The Vice Mayor steers the council and elicits support from its members in the passage of meaningful and relevant laws for the benefit of their constituents.

Sangguniang Bayan
The Honorable Members of the Sangguniang Bayan as part of the general administrative machinery are conscientious of their functions as legislators. They passed laws and ordinances that likewise promote general welfare and development.

Sectoral Offices and Departments
Sectoral needs and requirement of the people of Rosario are being taken cared of by the different heads of offices or department heads. These department heads are responsible for the planning, implementation and monitoring of the actions, programs and projects for each sector in response to the identified needs and requirements. The different sector corresponds to the basic needs of the population. The following are the Heads of Offices of these sectoral offices responsible for the basic needs of the population. These include the local and national levels.
  • Municipal Secretary
  • Municipal Administrator
  • Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
  • Municipal Budget Officer
  • Municipal Accountant
  • Human Resources Management Officer
  • Municipal Treasurer
  • Municipal Assessor
  • Municipal Agriculturist
  • Municipal Engineer
  • Civil Registrar
  • Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer
  • Municipal Health Officer
  • Municipal Census Officer
  • BIR Collection Agent
  • Municipal Population Officer
  • Telegraph Operator
  • Municipal Local Government Operations Officer
  • Post Master
  • DECS, District Supervisor
  • Municipal Trial Court Judge
  • Election Officer
  • PNP Chief

Barangay Government
At the barangay level, there is the barangay council headed by the Punong Barangay and the Sangguniang Kabataan headed by the SK President who take charge of the barangay government administration and management. The Punong Barangay is the Barangay Chief Executive Officer and the SK Chairman is the head of the SK Council which takes care of the activities of the youth in the barangays. Barangay Chairmen and SK Chairmen are federated into Association of Barangay Captain (ABC) and Federation of SK Presidents (FSKP) respectively.


Municipal Mayor
The different offices of the Municipal Government have their respective functions. The Office of the Mayor performs the general executive functions of the execution and implementation of all legislative acts as well as programs and project. He is the over-all supervisor and coordinator of day to day administration and management of the Municipal Government.

Municipal Vice Mayor and Sangguniang Bayan Kagawads
The Office of the Vice-Mayor together with the Sangguniang Bayan members or Kagawads are the legislators of the municipalities. They are responsible for making laws and statutes that will ensure the general welfare of their constituents.

Municipal Offices and Departments
The different Municipal Offices with their department heads and the personnel and staff under them are also assigned specific functions.

Office of the Municipal Mayor

Private Secretary
  • Supervises and participates in the clerical works of the Mayor's personnel staff in the preparation of correspondence, reports and in the filing of records.
  • Assists the mayor in attending to the needs of office callers and on special projects.
  • Performs inter-office and inter-agency coordination on information (private individuals business, government offices and NGO).
  • Keeps the Mayor's schedule of appointments, recording proceeding of conferences, taking and transcribing notes of officials and private correspondence and speeches.
  • Does other related works.
Civil Security Officer II
  • Conducts a regular physical security inspection of the perimeter areas of the municipal hall and other municipal buildings as a fire and crime preventive measure.
  • Observes incoming visitors directs them to proper office and their vehicles to proper parking place
  • Checks outgoing office equipment or properties for proper pass or documents
  • Does other inspectorial works as directed by the Mayor
Meat Inspector
  • Inspect animal carcass, stamps approval on meat for sale to the market
  • Inspect animals before they are slaughtered for meat purposes
  • Maintains order and cleanliness of the slaughterhouse and its premises
  • Keeps the keys and maintains a regular schedule of opening and closing of the slaughterhouse
  • Makes a daily report to the Office of the Mayor of the number and kind of animals slaughtered and send a consolidated monthly report to the Bureau of Animal Industry
  • Does other related works

Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator

Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator
  • Preparation of project program of work
  • Inspection and verification of projects
  • Preparation of Capital Improvement Program
  • Coordinates various activities of the project compassion
  • Preparation of plans and sketches for various projects

Project Development Officer II
  • Assists the MPDC for the preparation of program of work.
  • Inspection and verification of projects
  • Assists the MPDC for the preparation of Capital Improvement Program.
  • In charge of all surveying and engineering of all projects in the municipality infrastructure projects in general. Performs other services in connection with public improvement in the municipality that may require skill and experience of a Civil Engineer.
  • Files and preserves all maps, plans, notes, and surveys pertaining to the said office.
  • Assists the MPDC for project bidding and monitoring.
  • Assists the MPDC in Municipal Development Planning.
Office of the Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Officer V
  • Takes charge of the Office for Human Resource Management by administering the position classification, pay system, performance appraisal system, merit and promotion system, and all other employees, welfare program such as medical and hospitalization benefits, healthy and safety standards, insurance, disability, retirement and other benefits.
  • Assists and advises the municipal government in the development, formulation and execution of policies, rules and regulations in all areas of human resources management in accordance with the Civil Service Laws and Rules.
  • Implements comprehensive and balance personnel development programs designed to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness and morale of the municipal government.
  • Maintains a complete and up-to-date personnel information/record system.
  • Helps screen new applicants for appointments/promotion; signs certifications and other records of personnel.
  • Liases with CSC, GSIS, Pag-IBIG and other agencies on personnel related matters.
  • Performs such other functions as may be required of the office.

Storekeeper I
  • Prepares purchase request/purchase order/canvass for signatures of the requisitioning officer and other papers/documents.
  • Keeps the records of supplies/materials of the office
  • Assists in the preparation of reports/communication
  • Does other related works

Utility Worker I
  • Rakes, sweeps and gathers garbage preparatory for hauling
  • Keeps the canal free from clogs and other obstruction
  • Puts disarranged movable stalls in their proper places at the start or at the end of the day
  • Does other related works
Senior Clerk
  • Supervises and participates in the works of clerks in the action, certification and endorsement of records and correspondence in filing of records.
  • Prepares drafts and routine official letters and endorsement concerning decisions made by the Mayor in connection with official or administrative matters
  • Performs liaison works, following up on disposition of important papers, gathers information on rules and regulations affecting the work of the office.
  • Does other related works.
Utility Worker
  • Takes care of indoors ornamental plants in municipal building.
  • During office hours, makes occasional inspection of female comfort rooms.
  • Inspects and reports to immediate supervisor draperies requiring cleaning or washing.
  • Cleans office utensils.
  • Wipes off dirt from office furniture and light equipment.
  • Performs other related works.
  • Drives the vehicle for the Mayor on his trips.
  • Maintains the vehicle in sound, mechanical and running conditions by checking its brakes, its fuel, electrical steering mechanics, cooling and lubricating system.
  • Keeps the vehicle clean and presentable.
Office of the Municipal Administrator

Municipal Administrator
  • Assists Inter-Office and Inter-Agency coordination and assistance, special projects development and management.
  • Establishes and maintains a sound personnel program in promoting career development and merit principle in the government service and institute effective administrative reforms.
  • Assists in the management of Economic Enterprises Development.
  • Requisitions of supplies and performs the property and supply management and does related works.
License Inspector
  • Maintains a systematic record of all business establishments by keeping an index file of each as reference in the processing for renewal or application permits and licenses and updating their records for compliance with existing laws, ordinances and rules.
  • Makes a regular inspection of all business establishments to insure compliance of payments of all regulatory permits, and the terms and conditions of the permit and license granted and to recommend revocation to the Mayor in case of any violation.
  • Participates in the preparation of the application forms for and by typing the business permits for approval of the authorized supervisor or the Mayor.
  • Keeps a record of tricycle sidecars operating in the municipality and conducts spot inspection of their compliance of the required regulatory measures.
  • Does other related works.
Administrative Officer II
  • Helps and supervises the day to day activities in the office by giving assignment, preparing drafts of official communications.
  • Initially acts on administrative matters pertaining to the office in consultation with or for review of the head of the department.
  • Periodically classifies records for proper filing or disposition.
  • Countersigns or signs, as may be required certified copies of official records requested and approved for release.
  • Provides assistance to the other offices on matters to record management.
  • Does other related works.
  • Takes and maintains custody of all supplies, property and records by checking, receiving and storing in an appropriate ledgers stock only after order of the supervisor.
  • Keeps a record of stock by posting in appropriate ledgers stock received and issued on hand.
  • Acts on approved requisition by making personal delivery of supplies and equipment for requisitioning office.
  • Does other related works.
  • Drives garbage truck for hauling garbage to dump site.
  • Cleans the vehicle after the days work before parking for the night.
  • Repair minor defects of the vehicle and does other related works.
Accounting and Internal Audit Services

Municipal Accountant
  • Supervises the accounting and internal auditing services of the municipal government by planning and distributing the works among its personnel, by reviewing reports, request for obligation of accounts, vouchers, bills, treasury warrants, and other cash items for propriety, accounts classification and forms; by checking and verifying journal entries of accounts and other records for correctness, and by ascertaining the validity of claims for payment.
  • Checks arithmetical accuracy of footing and cross footings, extensions and balances of various accounting documents and records, and prepares drafts or reconciliation and trial balances.
  • Does other duties and functions as may be required of the office and/or provided by law or ordinance.
Management and Audit Analyst III
  • Reviews supporting papers of every disbursement vouchers to determine completeness of requirement.
  • Examines and prepares advice on check issued for verification by the LBP on all funds.
  • Checks the availability of funds through reference with the JAC and records/obligates the ROA according to a coding pattern.
  • Makes the necessary accounting entries and check the completeness of different signatories.
Junior Management and Audit Analyst
  • Review all vouchers for compliance of the requirement before presenting to the Mayor for final approval.
  • Keeps a file and system of records of all vouchers approved by the Mayor.
  • Verifies receipt or delivery of supplies and materials to determine correct specifications of quantity, quality and physical condition.
  • Does other related works.
Management and Audit Analyst I
  • Foots, adjusts and reconciles subsidiary SEF fund ledger balance.
  • Balances debit and credit balances and totals and post general entries.
  • Sorting and classifying of vouchers everyday and prepares monthly report to be submitted to COA.
  • Prepares all the remittances every end of the month and prepares vouchers from time to time, and does other related works.
Supervising Accounting Clerk
  • Supervises the work of accounting clerk.
  • Verification and journalizing of disbursement.
  • Examines and verifies journal entries.
  • Maintaining the general ledger.
  • Prepares the trial balance at the end of the accounting period.
Office of the Municipal Budget Officer

Municipal Budget Officer
  • Supervises and coordinates the activities and participates in the preparation of annual, supplemental, special and deficiency budgets of the municipality by providing technical services to the Mayor and other local officials.
  • Exercises such powers and performs such other functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
  • Receives budgets of the barangays of the municipality.
  • Prepares forms, orders, circulars embodying instructions on budgeting and appropriation matters for the approval of the Mayor.
  • Submits budgetary reports to the Office of Budget and Management.
Municipal Budget Officer II
  • Assists the Municipal Budget Officer in the preparation of Annual and Supplemental Budget of the municipality.
  • Assists in the preparation of recommendation to the Sangguniang Bayan in connection with the submitted annual and supplemental budget that are subject to review.
  • Helps in the evaluation of allotment request and in the preparation of advises of allotment for signature of the budget officer.
  • Records incoming and outgoing communications and other budgetary documents relevant to disbursement of appropriation.
  • Prepares periodic budgetary reports for submission by the Budget Officer to the agency concerned.
  • Performs such other functions that may be assigned from time to time.
Treasury Office

Municipal Treasurer
  • Advises the Mayor, as the case may be, the Sanggunian, and other local and national government officials concerned regarding disposition of local government funds, and on such other matters relative to public finance.
  • Takes custody of, and exercise proper management of the funds of the LGU concerned.
  • Takes charge of the disbursement of all and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to him by law or other competent authority.
  • Inspect private commercial and industrial establishments within the jurisdiction of the LGU concerned in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances, pursuant to the provisions under Book II of the Code.
  • Maintains and updates the tax information system of the LGU.
  • Exercise such other powers and performs such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
Cashier II
  • Receives cash/check collection, sorts and accounts for cash received from Revenue Collectors, accountable officers and Cash Clerk.
  • Deposits daily cash/checks collection to designated bank.
  • Prepares reports of collections.
  • Does other related works.
Revenue Collection Clerk II
  • Attends to tax advice of payment and issue proper receipt for payment received.
  • Records daily receipt and collection totals in the prescribed form.
  • Makes daily cash deposits with records receipt.
  • Does other related works.
Clerk II
  • Record payments made business taxpayers, lessors of market stalls and real estate tax payers in their respective ledgers.
  • Prepares reports of delinquent taxpayers and sends out notices of their delinquencies.
  • Authenticates transcript of copy of documents upon payment of prescribed fee.
  • Does other related works.
Ticket Checker
  • Daily inspection of the market, amusement places theaters, cockpit and others.
  • Makes daily inspection of tickets issued to market vendors and customers of amusement places.
  • Reports to proper personnel non-compliance of revenue payments for proper actions.
  • Does other related works.
Office of the Municipal Assessor

Municipal Assessor
  • Conduct frequent physical surveys to verify and determine whether all
  • real properties within the municipality properly listed in the assessment rolls.
  • Exercise the function of appraisal and assessment primarily for taxation purposes of all real properties in the local government unit concern.
  • Ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed.
  • Initiate, review, and recommend changes in the policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques and practices in the evaluation and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes.
  • Establish a systematic method of real property assessment.
  • Install and maintain a real property identification and accounting system.
  • Prepare, install and maintain a system of taxmapping, showing graphically all properties subject to assessment and gather all data concerning the same.
  • Prepare schedule of their market value for different classes of property.
  • Issue upon request of interested party, certified copies of assessment records or real property and all other record relative to assessment upon payment of all service charge to the treasurer.
  • Submit every semester a report all assessment as well as cancellations and modifications of assessment to the Municipal Mayor and the Sangguniang Bayan.
  • Attend personally or through authorized representatives, all sessions of the local board of assessment appeal as may be required by the board.
  • Exercise such other power and performs such other duties as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
Local Assessment Operation Officer II
  • Conduct field works, identify and appraise all properties subject for appraisal and assess in conformity with the approved schedule of market values.
  • Revise all transfer of ownership subject for approval of the Provincial Assessor.
  • Assist the Municipal Assessor in gathering data during revision.
  • Make necessary correction on Tax Declaration and Tax Maps by checking against the cadastral maps to identify the proper lot numbers and lot owners.
  • Supervise and transfer of real property ownership by checking against supporting documents to certain new ownership.
  • Attend meetings, conference, training and other gatherings pertaining to local assessment, as directed by the Municipal Assessor.
  • Perform the duties of the Municipal Assessor in his absence.
Local Assessment Operation Officer II
  • Handles all office records pertaining to assessment.
  • Maintains and updates records of leave of all assessors personnel, assessment records and assessment roll and tax mapping control roll.
  • Prepares reports assigned to the office.
  • Acts in-charge of office while the Municipal Assessor is on official business.
  • Does other related works.
Assessment Clerk III
  • Supervises and participates in all assessment works such as typing of assessment rolls, TMCR and in the preparation of all other correspondence such as certification and indorsement records.
  • Takes charge of incoming and outgoing correspondence by keeping a system of filing and recording.
  • Does other related works.
Assessment Clerk I
  • Helps prepare true copies and certification of property holdings by typing on a prescribed form for the signature of authorized persons.
  • Assists other personnel of the office by typing notices of assessment to be sent to individual taxpayers.
  • Helps by sorting records and documents for filing.
  • Does other related works.
  • Types assessment rolls, TMCR, prepares simple correspondence and reports.
  • Prepares approved request for certified copies of tax declaration and property holdings for signature of authorized personnel.
  • Sorts an files correspondence and other documents.
  • Prepares and types RPTOP (Phase I) in the prescribed form.
  • Does other related works.
Office for Agricultural Services

Municipal Agriculturist
  • Formulate measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and the provision of adequate facilities.
  • Develop plans and strategies to implement agricultural programs and projects which the Municipal Mayor are empowered to implement as approved by the Sangguniang Bayan.
  • Ensure maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products
  • Conduct location-specific agricultural researches and assists in making available the appropriate technology on said research and conduct regulatory activities on plants and animals.
  • Enforce rules and regulations relating to agriculture.
  • Coordinate with other government agencies and non-government to promote agricultural productivity and improve livelihood and living conditions of inhabitants.
Municipal Agricultural Officer
  • Participation in the preparation of integrated municipal agricultural plans.
  • Supervises and coordinates the implementation of agricultural development plans , programs and projects in accordance with the basic needs, resources and potentials of the municipality.
  • Provides technical assistance to the Municipal Agricultural Council and the Municipal Development Staff in the preparation and operationalization of an integrated development program for the municipality, supervises and coordinates the activities of extension workers assigned to barangays in accordance with the development plans, monitors the performance of extension workers to identify problems.
  • Conducts trainings, seminars, conferences to disseminate the latestr agriculture technology to clientele with extension workers, fermers as participants.
  • Submit periodic accomplishment reports and does related works.
Livestock Inspector
  • Formulates farm plan and budget on agriculture and livestock to increase production, raise income of clientele.
  • Disseminates information thru farmers classes/ training/ seminars/ nutrition/ upgrading of livestock and poultry and enforcement of regulatory and quarantine laws, rules and regulations.
  • Conducts animal vaccination and treatment for the prevention and control of animal diseases, coordinates with local and national agencies in the implementation of livestock programs and projects.
  • Submits monthly and quarterly reports on vaccination/treatments and other related programs.
Agricultural Technologist
  • Formulates farm/farm family development plan on agriculture and fisheries to increase production, raise income of clientele in the municipality/barangays covered and uplift the well being of the community.
  • Disseminates information thru farm/ home visit demonstrations, training/classes, meetings and conferences on improved farm practices, maintenance/upgrading of livestock and poultry nutrition, home management practices, fishery/aquatic resources management, conservation of resources and enforcement of regulations and the like.
  • Disseminates information on improved food processing/conservation management and in compliance with the related laws and regulations.
  • Promotes/maintains clientele organization for multiplier effect in the transfer of packages of technology, including food and drug laws for the protection of both the producers and the consumers.
  • Formulates agricultural and fishery post harvest development plans in covered barangays of the municipality.
  • Assists in the conduct of applied researches, clientele in preparing home plan and budget and assists in the implementation of regulatory and quarantine laws, rules and regulations.
  • Identifies and assists in the development of agribusiness projects and recommends cooperative marketing strategies for clientele to secure loans and prepares schedule of payment/ repayment.
  • Coordinates with local and national agency representatives in the implementation of programs and projects in the locality.
  • Submits monthly report and periodic reports and perform related functions.
Engineering Office

Municipal Engineer
  • Acts as the Local Building Official.
  • Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works of local government unit concerned.
  • Advise the Municipal mayor on infrastructure, public works and other engineering matters.
  • Administer, coordinate, supervise and control the construction, maintenance, improvement and repair roads, bridges and other engineering and public works projects of the local government unit concerned.
  • Provide engineering services to the LGU concerned, including investigations and surveys, engineering designs, feasibility studies and project management.
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
Draftsman II
  • Assists in designing and preparation of plans for construction projects, prepares drawing, revisions, calculations, cost estimates, and specification, altered and repaired projects.
  • Prepares topographic maps and profiles.
  • Transfers tabular data to graphic form and maintains maps and other graphic records.
  • Aids the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator or does research for planning purposes.
  • Assists in designing and preparation of plans for other projects.
Office of the Civil Registry

Municipal Civil Registrar
  • Develops plans and strategies on civil registry programs and projects, and implements them upon approval by the Municipal mayor, accepts and enters immediately all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons in the appropriate civil registry books.
  • Files and preserves and transmits copies to the Office of Civil Registrar-General registered documents, coordinates with the National statistics Office in the latter's programs.
  • Receives and processes application for Marriage License.
  • Exercise other powers, performs such other functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
Assistant Registration Officer
  • Types on prescribed form, information required in registering documents on the states of persons.
  • Transcribes and enters immediately in the appropriate civil register upon receipt of property accomplished registrable instruments.
  • Receives and classifies documents for appropriate filing and binding.
Civil Registry Clerk
  • Types on prescribed form, information required in registrable documents on the status of persons.
  • Transcribes and enters immediately in the appropriate civil register upon receipt of properly accomplished registrable documents.
  • Receives and classifies documents for appropriate filing and binding.
  • Authenticates transcript or copy of documents upon payment of prescribed fee.
  • Does other related works.
Office of Social Welfare and Development Services

Social Welfare Officer III
  • Identify the basic needs of the needy, the disadvantaged and the impoverished and develop and implement appropriate measures to alleviate their problems and improve their living condition.
  • Provide relief and appropriate crisis intervention for victims of abuse and exploitation and recommend appropriate measure to defer further abuse and exploitation.
  • Assist the Mayor in implementing the barangay level programs for total development and protection f children up to six years of age.
  • Facilitate the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, elderly and victims of Drug Addiction, the prevention of juvenile delinquency and such other activities, which would eliminate or minimize the ill effects of poverty.
  • Coordinate with other government agencies and non-government organizations which for their purpose the promotion and protection of all needy, disadvantaged, underprivileged or impoverished groups or individuals particularly those identified to be vulnerable and high risk to exploitation, abuse and neglect.
  • Be in the frontline of service delivery particularly those, which have to do with immediate relief and assistance in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities.
  • Recommend to the Sanggunian and advise the Mayor on all other sector matters related to Social Welfare and development services, which will improve the livelihood and living conditions of the inhabitants.
Social Welfare Assistant
  • Conducts survey, interview people and determine emergency needs.
  • Assists in the relief distribution and in rendering necessary welfare services to client.
  • Acts as liaison officer/ worker to bridge communication gap between the government and rural families.
  • Performs other roles assigned.
  • Drafts, prepares project proposals, social case studies and other reports regarding the Department.
  • Conducts information dissemination with the programs and services of the Department.
Day Care Worker
  • Conduct survey and recruitment of pre-school children from low- income families, whose mothers are working and are over-burdened for caring of younger children and who are malnourished.
  • Plan and carry out the daily activities of the children and alike socialization, creativity, human relations, physical and mental development, and comfort and safety inside the center.
  • Prepare and arrange all the necessary activities in connection with the feeding program.
  • Attend seminars and meetings in connection with the Day Care Services.
  • Meet with the members of the team concerned with the development of the child, social worker, doctor, nutritionist, etc. to consolidate notes and allocate responsibilities.
  • Coordinate and assist with other agencies in relation to the programs launched by the government.
Office on Health Services

Rural Health Physician
  • Responsible for the prevention of diseases, promote health and efficiency thru organized community effort.
  • Attends to the dissemination of the rural health services.
  • Provides epidemiological and environmental health services to the community.
  • Acts as medical legal officer of the community.
  • Serves as a community clinician of the unit.
  • Assess the continuing education of the public in matters of health.
Public Health Nurse
  • Attends to the medical needs of employees by giving first aid attention and remedy.
  • Conducts health inspections and teachings, assists in conducting pre-employment medical examinations.
  • Prepares reports required of the Office of the mayor by different health agencies.
  • Makes use of all safeguards and safety devices and does other related works.
Dental Aide
  • Maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of the clinic.
  • Sterilizes the dental instruments.
  • Records personal data and oral condition as dictated by the dentist.
  • Assists the dentist in dental activities.
  • Consolidates and files dental records.
  • Performs clinical and midwifery works in the municipality.
  • Attends to normal deliveries and refers abnormal cases of pregnancies to higher level.
  • Does pre and post natal home visits to mothers.
  • Does immunization to 1 year old babies and below sputum collection of all TB symptomatics of covered areas.
  • Helps the nurse in carrying out the program of operation of the PHO.
  • Prepares and submits reports of activities and attend conferences and meetings pertaining to nursing and midwifery education.
  • Does other related works.
Sanitation Inspector
  • Assists in the provision and maintenance of safe and adequate water supply to the community.
  • Assists in the provision and maintenance of sanitary disposal facilities for human excrement and sewage.
  • Assists in the provision of safe and wholesome food consumers through proper enforcement of sanitary rules and regulations and training of food operators and handlers.
  • Participates in the total health program planning of the community, staff meetings, conferences and training.
  • Assists in the implementation of health education activities especially those related to environmental sanitation.
  • Institute control measures under the guidance of the health officer and/or sanitary engineer.
Barangay Health Aide
  • Assists in the provision and maintenance of safe and adequate water supply to the community, collect water samples for laboratory examinations, disinfect sources forward positive to insure potability of water.
  • Assists in the inspection of business establishments to insure good sanitary and cleanliness of the surroundings, corridors as well as the public market and slaughterhouse.
  • Assists in the implementation of sanitary rules and regulations, health education and environmental sanitation.
  • Participates in the total health programs and activities.
  • Does other related works.
Office of the Sangguniang Bayan

Legislative Officer III
  • Supervises and participates in the clerical works of keeping the journal of the proceedings of the Sangguniang Bayan and in recording other acts of the Municipal Government.
  • Records in a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances, resolutions and motions enacted or adopted the Sangguniang Bayan within the date of their enactment or publication.
  • Forwards to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan the copies of resolutions or ordinances within the prescribed period.
  • Performs other highly skilled work and attends meetings in behalf of the Vice Mayor and Secretary.
Driver I
  • Drives the vehicles for the Vice-Mayor and Sangguniang Bayan members on official trips.
  • Maintains the vehicle in sound, mechanical and running conditions by checking its brakes, its fuel, electrical steering mechanics, cooling and lubricating system.
  • Keeps the vehicle clean and presentable.
Office of the Secretary to the Sangguniang Bayan

Municipal Secretary
  • Drafts resolutions of the minutes of the meetings of the Sangguniang Bayan.
  • Check matters submitted to the Sanggunian for correctness of data and recommendation as indicated in original papers.
  • Reviews minutes for accuracy and completeness before certification to the department of origin.
  • Determines the best manner of presentations of actions taken by the Sanggunian on particular matters.
  • Reviews minutes of the meetings before submission of final approval.
  • Supervises the preparations of agenda for Sanggunian meetings and certified copies of resolutions.
  • Attends meetings, takes minutes and transcribes them.
  • Keeps records and prepares certificate of attendance of Kagawads.
Supervising Clerk
  • Supervises and participates in the work of a small group of clerk performing highly skilled and responsible clerical works.
  • Checks their work for accuracy and conformance to established policies and rules.
  • Distributes and supervises the works of a large group of typist, clerks and messengers.
  • Prepares difficult and confidential correspondence and attends personally to important and urgent matters.
  • Does other related works.
Bookbinder I
  • Performs all operations entitled in hiding books and pamphlets.
  • Sews together pages of unbound books, magazines and other reading materials to desired size.
  • Trims and applies glue to back of sewed loose leaves of books and magazines to stiffen backs of book body and forms joint covers and bodies.
  • Reinforces back of books and magazines to bind by gluing fabrics stripe to them.
  • Letters and paints label on books and other reading materials.
  • Repair books and design covers of books and does other related works.
The Municipal Government has a complete set of mandatory appointive officials as per model of Municipal Government Structure per Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160). These are the Treasurer, Assessor, Accounting, Budget Officer, Municipal Planning and Development Officer, Municipal Engineer/Bldg. Official, Municipal Health Officer and Civil Registrar. Of the optional office/offices that may be appointed by the Mayor, only three are available and appointed. These are Municipal Agriculturist, Municipal Administrator and Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer.

The Office for Human Resource Management though created by the LGU is not among the Mandatory or optional office/offices required under RA 7160. It can be considered as a division or unit under the Office of the Mayor.

It is noted that the Office of the Municipal Administrator being directly under the Office of the Mayor is on top of other mandatory office/offices. This connotes supervision or authority of the Administrator over other offices/officer who are department heads. This is a deviation from the model organizational structure of the municipal government per Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160). The Administrator is one among and is at the same level as that of department heads.

Moreover, said organizational chart identifies the environment and natural resources function under the Office for Agricultural Services. It is suggested, given the growing concern on environmental management encompassing even the functions of other offices, that a separate office, division or unit, as the necessity may dictate, should be created to delineate its specialized role in the effective delivery of services to the public.

Personnel Profile
The Municipal Government of Rosario has total personnel of 123 able bodies. The Municipal Office or Department with the most number of employees are the Offices of the Human Resource Management and the combined Office of Health Services, RHU I and II. These offices provides health and sanitation services to the population. Most of the personnel in the OHRM perform general services, which may include garbage collection and other public works. While the Office of Health Services performs direct health services to the populace.

The second biggest office in terms of manpower takes care of municipal economic enterprises such as market, slaughterhouse, and cemetery operations. This is the Office of the Municipal Administrator, which has 15 personnel. The third office is the Office for Agricultural Services with 14 personnel. The office is responsible for the management of the economic base of the municipality, which is agriculture.

On the other hand, the offices with the least number of personnel are the Engineering Office, Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator and the Offices of the Sangguniang Bayan and the Social Welfare and Development, respectively. Other offices averaged from 5 to 9 personnel.

This shows that emphasis on employee distribution is on social services and economic enterprises. Of these personnel, 74 percent or 60 percent are college graduates; 28 or 23 are college undergraduates or high school graduates; and 21 or 17 percent are elementary graduates. Tenurial status of personnel showed that 116 or 95 percent are permanent and the remaining 7 or 5 percent are either temporary or co-terminus with the appointing authority. There are no casuals. Forty-five (45) or 36 percent of the personnel are holding on Civil Service eligibility either professional or sub-professional; 32 or 26 percent are PRC Board/Licensure Examination passers while the other 46 or 32 percent have no eligibility.

Considering the number of permanent personnel, the college graduates and those with CS and PRC Board/Licensure eligibility, there is a noted excess of permanent personnel. The other permanent personnel aside from the college graduates and the eligible constitute the utility workers, drivers and other clerical personnel.

Municipal Land Use Committee and the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (June 2000), Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period: 2000-2010, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

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