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Rosario Batangas Philippines

Friday, November 18, 2011

Economic Sector: Tourism

The information contained in this article were based on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Rosario, Batangas for the planning period 2000-2010 and were current in 1999 except in places where updates were duly noted.

THIS SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE reports about three major sectors including the Social Sector, the Economic Sector and Infrastructure and Utilities Sector. The Economic Sector consists of the following sub-sectors: agriculture, tourism, commerce and industry. This article covers the Tourism Sub-Sector.

Inventory of Tourist Attractions and Facilities
There are six existing areas that are considered tourist attractions. These offer various attractions such as communication facilities, pavilion, recreation and sports facilities.

Tan Ville Garden Resort is one of the main attractions in the locality. It provides comfortable bedrooms, function rooms and a swimming pool. Based on records, Tan Ville has reached a total of 10,000 visitors this year (1999). Its Gross Annual receipt is PHP5 million.

The following shows inventory of tourist spots and attractions in the municipality.

Inventory of Tourist Spots and Attractions, 1999
Tourist Spots and Attractions, Location and Area (in square meters)
  • Batangas Racing Circuit in Maligaya with 179,062.00 sqm. - recreation and sports facilities
  • Grotto in Poblacion B
  • Jan's Farm in Bagong Pook with 12,000.00 sqm. - recreation and sports facilities
  • Savonna Golf Course in Mabato with 978,436.00 sqm.
  • Tan Ville Garden Resort in Namunga with 2,200.00 sqm. - lodging and food, recreation and sports facilities
  • TPJ in Baybayin with 46,413.00 sqm. - lodging and food, recreation and sports facilities
Source: Municipal Assessor's Office

With regards to the accessibility of these areas, they may be reached through passenger jeepneys and tricycles. Grotto is located at Poblacion B, at the foot of Tombol Hill and can be easily noticed. TPJ Resort, Batangas Racing Circuit and Savonna Golf Course are situated in rural areas. Although far from Poblacion, transportation is not a problem. Barangay roads provide access to these areas. It can also be noted that Savonna Golf Course is not yet in operation because construction is still on-going.

Traditional Cultural Activities
It’s been a tradition in the municipality to celebrate different activities related to the cultural values of the people. During the 23rd day of April, Rosario celebrates its town fiesta. This occasion is celebrated in honor of its patron, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.

When Lenten season comes, the town's heart-felt celebration of Holy Week begins. People from different barangays participate in Penitensyahan ROSARIO. In this activity, giant mock-ups are paraded on streets of Rosario. It is also during Holy Week when many of the old time residents make a sentimental journey back home amid rituals of Pabasa, never-ending processions, Stations of the Cross, the dance of the Virgins on Easter Sunday, salubong, etc.

Tourism Potential Areas
The high sloping areas of the municipality on the southeastern portions with slopes of 18% and above are potential tourist attractions. Preservation of existing forest cover, if any, will induce tourism development in terms of mountain climbing, nature tripping and other forms of eco-tourism. Reforestation activities can also be an attraction or point of interest to nature enthusiasts, students and researchers.

The verdant rice fields especially during planting and harvest season are also potentials. Coconut plantation and other agricultural activities are also potential tourist attractions.

Being an agricultural municipality, it would be best if Rosario would endeavor an agri-tourism scheme to supplement the seasonal yield of its farmers as well as popularizing a unique product uncommon to other places, the likes of suman of Baler, longganisa of Lucban and lanzones of Paete. The locally produced kalamay and panutsa, even the first class Dinorado rice, readily comes to mind.

Considering the fact that Rosario has limited tourist attractions and facilities at this time, these can be improved to cater to the needs of the tourists for accommodations, food and attractions for sightseers and nature trippers, thereby capturing the hearts of the visitors to say in Rosario.

Tourist facilities for accommodations, sports and recreation provide comfort, food and relaxation to the visitors interested to stay in the place for more than a day. Furthermore, improvement of the aforementioned facilities would facilitate promotion and marketing of the municipality.

The presence of the Batangas Racing Circuit, Jan’s Farm, and Savonna Golf Course can promote recreational tourism for the municipality. Proper promotion of the attraction and the recreation and sports facilities in these establishments can entice sports and recreation enthusiasts in the area. There is then a need to sustain their interest to stay and spent some time and money in the municipality.

Other tourist attractions and facilities can support the activity by providing accommodations and food, like the Tan Ville Resort and the TPJ. Tombol Hill, the Grotto and the traditional cultural activities can be pitched in for seasonal alternative. Mountain climbing and nature trips can also be offered as an alternative activity to tourists.

The need for a holistic tourism program for the municipality is in order. It can be packaged as a tourism destination for sports and recreation, enthusiasts, nature trippers and sightseers.

This can be coordinated and institutionalized with the establishment or creation of a local government agency such as a Municipal Tourism Board or Office to handle tourism activities yearlong and lasting. A Tourism Board or Office is necessary to coordinate plan and implement tourism program for the municipality.

In addition, organization and mobilization of a Tourism Council that can serve as a partner for development is suggested.

With respect to whatever tourism infrastructure that may be constructed, securing tourism clearance and environmental compliance certificate from the DENR with recommendation of the Provincial Government-Environment and Natural Resources Office (PG-ENRO) will be advisable.

Municipal Land Use Committee and the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (June 2000), Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Rosario, Batangas for Planning Period: 2000-2010, Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, Philippines

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